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uPVC Doors are a great addition to any home as they are made from unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, a material that has many uses around the home as it is strong and durable. All Keymer Double Glazing uPVC doors come ‘made to fit’, so you will have no problem getting the right size.



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The advantages of switching to a uPVC Door are:
Long Life Span

Compared to the traditional timber door, uPVC doors are much more resistant and extremely long standing due to being made from plastic.


Maintenance is minimal as uPVC Doors do not flake and do not need to be painted like timber doors. However, the odd wipe won’t do it any harm!


Our uPVC Doors come with, as standard:

A Multi-Point Locking System – 5-point locking system means the door locks in 5 different locations.

Toughened Glass – It is harder to break. If it were to break, it would shatter rather than break away

Internal Butt Hinges – They are on the inside to prevent anyone trying to unhinge the door.

Better Insulation (Cheaper Bills) – uPVC Doors close the gaps that can be found between wooden doors and their frames, and therefore retaining the heat in your home.

Style – There is a wide range of colours, styles and obscure glasses available for you to pick from, so you find the right product to suit your home.


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