Three Ways to upgrade your conservatory

by | August 3, 2017

Conservatories have been a popular addition to homes for the last 40 or so years, allowing home owners to add an extra room to their property quickly, easily and at a low cost. Over time, the way that Conservatories are built has changed, meaning those built all those 40 years ago may no longer be doing your home justice. Here are three ways that you can upgrade and update your conservatory!


– Replace the glass
Nowadays, the glass used in Conservatories is far more thermally efficient; as technology has improved, so have the coatings on the glass, making the space livable all year round. All of the glass supplied at Keymer is thermally efficient A+ rated glass as standard, ensuring your space stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


– Replace the roof
As with above, technology has seriously improved over the years meaning that we can not only offer better glass options, we can also offer better roof solutions. We now offer the ‘Guardian Roof’ option. A Guardian Roof is a solid, tiled roof option for Conservatories, it comes with several tile colour options and is thermally efficient. The Guardian Roof not only blends in with your home, its layers of insulation makes the Conservatory thermally efficient and soundproof, once again making your Conservatory livable all year round.


– Replace the frame
The final way that you could bring your Conservatory into the 21st Century is to upgrade the frame. Back in the day, white frames were basically the only colour option you had. Now there are a wide spectrum of colour options and frame style options to help update your Conservatory look.


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