Stable Doors


Stable Doors have been around for a very long time and tend to often get forgotten when replacing doors.

Stable Doors are multi-functional, allowing you to open both halves of the door independently from one another, as well as opening the door as a whole. Traditionally used in a Farm House and made of Timber, Stable Doors have been updated and upgraded making them solid, secure and energy efficient.

If it’s a Stable Door you are looking for, there are two types. uPVC and Composite.


With a uPVC Stable door you have the option to have the top half opening as normal, or to have a tilt and turn window instead. Having the tilt and turn option is great for ventilating a room, whilst also being secure with a restrictor.

Stable Door



Composite Stable Doors resemble the classic Timber Door a little more, with a grain effect running inside and out the door. High security locks and an effective weather-seal ensure it performs just as well as a standard single door. The lower half also accepts cat and dog flaps making the stable door truly versatile to suit any application and need.

Composite Stable Door

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