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Uk Phentermine Buy, Phentermine Sale

Here at Keymer, we have two state-of-the-art showrooms in Burgess Hill showing off a full range of our products. From Composite Doors and BiFold Doors to Conservatories and Roof Lanterns, we are able to demonstrate how our products will be a real asset to your home in a friendly, informal environment.

The Marketing Suite

The Marketing Suite is our brand new, state-of-the-art showroom facilities, based at 39 Victoria Road in Burgess Hill. It is filled with a wide range of our product offering, giving you the opportunity to visualise our products in your home. The premises also houses our trade counter and installations teams, so there are plenty of members of the team on hand to give you an in depth knowledge of all of our products and the ordering process. We have FREE PARKING available on site.

Products On Display

Composite Doors – Sovereign and Meridian CollectionAluminium BiFold DoorsUPVC French DoorsUPVC Foil Wrapped WindowsUPVC French Casement WindowsContemporary Style Aluminium WindowsComposite Decking
Flat RooflightRoof LanternFascias and SoffitsConservatory with range of roof optionsCladdingDecorative and Obscure GlassRange of Hardware

Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 5:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 2:00

Church Walk Showroom

Our Church Walk Showroom, situated in Burgess Hill Town Centre, has been long established for over 20 years. We are always adding new ranges and updating our products to ensure we are showing our customers exactly what they want to see. Pop in and have a chat with one of our advisors or grab some brochures to take away with you! Free half an hour parking available in the town centre.

Our Church Walk Showroom, situated in Burgess Hill Town Centre, has been long established for over 20 years. We are always adding new ranges and updating our products to ensure we are showing our customers exactly what they want to see. Pop in and have a chat with one of our advisors or grab some brochures to take away with you! Free half an hour parking available in the town centre.

Products On Display

Composite Doors – Sovereign and Meridian CollectionUPVC Front and Back DoorsAluminium BiFold DoorsUPVC French DoorsUPVCPatio Sliding DoorsUPVC Foil Wrapped Windows
UPVC Sliding Sash WindowsUPVC Top Hung Casement WindowsFlat RooflightRoof LanternFascias and SoffitsConservatory with range of roof options

Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 5:30
Saturday: 9:00 – 5:00

If you would like to come and see us at one of our showrooms, there is no need to make an appointment, just pop in! There is always someone around in both of our showrooms to give you expert advice and information! If you are unsure about something, feel free to give us a call beforehand on 01444 246051.

Order Phentermine Overnight


Let us know what you'd like us to look at, plus days and times that are best for you.

By selecting 'request a quote' you consent to your details being used for the purposes of Keymer Double Glazing contacting you to arrange a quotation.