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Here at Keymer, we supply a wide range of windows...

made from either uPVC, Aluminium or Timber. A spectrum of styles and colours are available.


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Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles in the UK due to their simple yet versatile design. Available in a range of style and configurations, such as top-hung opening and side-hung opengin, our casement windows will complement both traditional and contemporary homes. Choose from beautifully sculptured or clean-cut bevel design and a wide variety of woodgrain and solid colours. And with multiple-locking points, all our casement windows are supremely secure.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn windows are characterised by the fact that they open into your home and allow the biggest possible glass area. This style of window provides excellent levels of ventilation and security, whilst remaining hightly thermally efficient when required. Ideal for homes with limited clearance outside, or highrise properties, tilt and turn windows are easy to clean, even from within the home. Using clever hing and locking technology, tilt and turn windows have two opening arrangements: from the top for gentle ventilation, or full opening from the side.

Vertical Slider

Crafted with attention to detail, our vertical slider windows combine the functional benefits and performance of a modern PVCu window with the feel, appearance and operational simplicity of a traditional style window. The modenr vertical slider not only emulates the aesthetics of its traditional equivalent, but also offers additional benefits such as the easy maintenance of PVCu.

Fully Reversible

Fully reversible windows allow maximum light to enter the home with easy maintenance. Rotating at 180 degrees, these windows can easily be cleaned from inside the home and have child safety features which allow safe and secure cleaning and ventilation.


Extending the footprint of your home, bay windows are an excellent choice to add character. While creating depth, maximising space, and allowing natural light to open up your home, bay windows help to maintain a traditional feel.


Creating more space and allowing light to flood into your home, the curved bay windows style creates a real impact. This pay window alternative gives the feel of extra internal space without the requirement of additional building work.

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New double glazed window fitted to new bathroom. “Very professional and efficient throughout.”

Customer in Hassocks 27 November 2018

Replacement double glazed windows. “Courteous and polite installers, great well fitting windows. Little or no mess and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards.”

Customer in Haywards Heath 23 November 2018

Fitting of double glazed door and window. “Punctual, good workmanship, polite, friendly, tidy.”

Customer in Haywards Heath 30 October 2018

D/G window fitted in kitchen “Punctual and professional work by firm.”

Customer in Burgess Hill 23 October 2018

Three windows and French doors at the rear of the house.” I have used Keymer Double Glazing Ltd 10 years ago and still find their work of a high standard. On time, minimal disruption and cleaning up as they left. To be recommended.”

Customer in Haywards Heath 22 October 2018
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Let us know what you'd like us to look at, plus days and times that are best for you.

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