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Your home is fitted with windows, doors or a conservatory manufactured from industry leading Duraflex profiles, which will serve you well for many years and provide you with technical advancements that will become indispensable.

This document sets out the performance, accreditations and warranties applicable on our extensive range of PVCU windows, doors and conservatories. It also illustrates how to achieve optimum performance and longevity from our products by demonstrating correct operating procedures and by applying effective care and maintenance. We ask that you invest time in familiarising yourself with its contents so that you are best placed to enjoy trouble free performance for years to come.

Do's and Don'ts

The following section indicates simple best practice 'do's & don'ts' to ensure continual optimum performance of your windows and doors.

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  1. Clean the glass regularly with a good quality liquid spray glass cleaner
  2. Frequently wash down the PVC profiles with warm soapy water and wipe dry.
  3. Only use cleaning materials which do not impair anti-corrosion properties of the surface coatings.
  4. Use non abrasive cream cleaner for isolated stubborn stains on white PVCu only.
  5. Apply with a damp cloth using minimal pressure
  6. Ensure drainage slots are unblocked and free from dirt and debris
  7. Keep all tracks clear of dust and debris in order to reduce the wear on sliding parts.
  8. Check all fire escapes' hardware annually for wear and tear and a consistent fit.
  9. Ensure that all conservatory gutters and their outlets are kept clear of leaves and debris to ensure unobstructed flow.
  10. All moving mechanical parts are lubricated - hinges, locks and keep plates will benefit from a small application of light oil at least once a year.
  11. Replace damaged or worn parts with original Duraflex parts.

    Do not

  1. Use any type of bleach, solvent (e.g. white spirit, methylated, nail varnish remover) or adhesives.
  2. Use abrasives or brass cleaner on furniture: handles, door knockers, letter plates.
  3. Use glass cleaner on the PVCu profile.
  4. Use a ladder when cleaning your conservatory roof, always use a crawler board to evenly distribute your weight.
  5. Use abrasive paste or cream cleaners on any laminated profile.
  6. Use excessive pressure when cleaning PVCu.
  7. Use high pressure or steam cleaners.
  8. Use any abrasive papers, such as sandpaper.
  9. Use excessive loads on the windows and doors.
  10. Lean ladders against conservatory guttering.
  11. Paint or try to remove paint.
  12. Use any unspecified tools.

Safe And Secure

Our window and door range is internally beaded (except where specifically requested or specified), this means the glass is installed and beaded from the inside for additional security.

Windows glazed externally can be a burglar's dream. If security tape has been fitted, check for possible atmospheric deterioration and if replacing glass take care not to damage the frame where glass clips have been fitted.

Our window and door range carries all accreditations you require including BBA and BSI, and when our windows are combined with laminated glass and upgraded enhanced locking systems they are secured by Design.

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With a minimal amount of care and maintenance your windows and doors will stay looking good and performing superbly for many years to come - a valuable, long lasting asset giving continued satisfaction and pride. Our products are easy to use and simplicity itself to care for and maintain.

Friction Stays

A friction stay is a type of hinge that controls the opening of the window so that it will stay open at the width you decide to open it to, not closing under its own weight or being too difficult to open and close. The hinge is factory set and may, after continued use, loosen. Should this occur, use a small flat bladed screwdriver to turn the screw on the friction hinge clockwise to increase the amount of friction. The same adjustment should be made to both the bottom and top hinges to the window. Also should the window be stiff in operation turn the screw anticlockwise until the desired result is achieved (see picture A).


All moving mechanical parts require lubrication; your windows and doors are no different. The hinges, locks and keep plates of windows and doors will benefit from a small application of light oil. We recommend lubrication of these parts at least once a year.
For lubrication points see arrows in pictures B, C and D.


In coastal or industrial environments where there's a possibility of exposure to salt or pollution. It is strongly recommended that the frequency of cleaning and maintenance is increased. It is difficult to be prescriptive regarding the increased frequency but it will be relative to the amount of pollution and location of the installation. For example, properties within the immediate vicinity of an industrial site or the coast should be cleaned thoroughly every 2-3 months with the frames being cleaned every time the glass is cleaned. Care should be taken to ensure all salt/industrial deposits are removed from the frames, weatherseals as well as hardware; in addition all drainage slots should be cleared. Wipe down the frames and hardware internally and externally and apply a light coating of lubricant to the face and moving part e.g ‘3 in 1’ type oil, vaseline or similar proprietary protection to all hardware surfaces.

Conservatory Maintenance

For general cleaning and maintenance, you should follow the instructions already outlined for glass and frame cleaning.

There is however, some additional points to bear in mind with your new conservatory.

Your conservatory roof may be made high quality polycarbonate or glass. Whilst this material is strong and durable and able to stand up to the worst of British weather, you should never walk on any conservatory roof. Always use crawl boards to spread the load. You should also never lean ladders against the PVCU frames, glass or gutters as this may cause damage.

To clean the roof panels, simply use soapy water and a cloth and sponge every four months or so to remove the build up of grime and atmospheric deposits.

The gutters and box gutters may be different to those on the rest of your home and you may occasionally notice standing water in the system. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, it is important to ensure that all gutters and their outlets are kept clear of leaves and debris to maintain efficient operation.

Cleaning of PVCu Frames (White)

Conservatory Maintenance Under normal circumstances the washing For general cleaning and maintenance down of the windows and doors with dilute you should follow the instructions already washing up liquid will suffice but occasionally outlined for glass and frame cleaning. where more stubborn stains build up it may be necessary to use a non-abrasive PVCu liquid cleaner. Apply the cleaner using a dry cloth. Use sparingly in small circular motions then buff back to shine.

Cleaning of PVCu Frames

(Grained/Laminated Colour Finish)
Use only diluted washing up liquid and water. Do not use any cleaning fluid on wood grain finish windows.


Casement Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows our casement windows have a Our Tilt and Turn windows are nush button catch or key lock state of the art and come complete to open turn the key if locked or with our 'tilt before turn' handles. push button and turn the handle. These incorporate an important To close turn the handle again, if safety feature ensuring the window the handle is lockable turn the key.

Fire Escape

In the fire escape position the window is fully open to allow unrestricted means of escape in the event of an emergency


The easy-clean position allows you to clean the window from the inside if the window is inaccessible from the outside, e.g. above a conservatory.


Our tilt and turn windows are state of the art and come complete with our ‘tilt before turn’ handles. These incorporate an important saftey feature ensuring the window cannot be fully opened by small children or vulnerable people.

The tilt and turn window in the closed position, the handle is locked and the key is removed.

Key inserted and handle turned to first position allows the window to open for ventilation With key removed safety and security are maintained preventing full opening

Key re-inserted to unlock to second position, allowing full turn of handle for cleaning or fire escape.


Our PVCU doors come in a variety of styles and Take time to be fully conversant with the operating fe and security benefits.

Standard French Doors (single handle)

Our single handle French doors have a high security multipoint locking system. The master door can be opened from either side by unlocking the door then depressing the handle. To close simply push or pull the door as applicable, and pull the handle upwards to engage the multi-lock points, then turn the key. When the door is locked you should not be able to push the handle down.

To open the slave door the master door must be opened first. Pull down the thumb lock located at the top of the slave door. Push up the thumb lock located at the bottom of the slave door and pull the door open.

Bi-Fold Doors

Our Bi-fold doors are available in a multitude of opening configurations. They can include single and double door opening configurations, and as such gearing should operate in the same manner as the entrance or French door.

To open the remaining sashes, turn the centre lever upwards to 90° to disengage locks and push sashes open. Every other sash will have a centre handle, always ensure each sash is fully closed against each other and top catch engaged to prevent sashes closing on their own.

To close, simply pull sashes from each other and close one at a time starting from the end where the sash is hinged to the outerframe next to the structure of the property.

Entrance Doors

Our doors have a have a high security multi-point locking system. The door can be opened from either side by unlocking the cylinder key then pushing down the handle. To close simply push or pull the door as applicable, and pull the handle upwards to engage the multi-point locks, then turn the key. When the door is locked you should not be able to push the handle down.

Sliding Doors

Our in-line sliding doors can be opened from either side by unlocking the door then by flipping up the small lever which releases the catches between the door and outer frame. Then simply slide the door open or reverse the action to close.

French Doors (double handle)

The door can be opened from either side by unlocking the door then depressing the handle. To close simply push or pull the door as applicable, and pull the handle upwards to engage the multi-point locks, then turn the key. When the door is locked you should not be able to push the handle down. To open or close both doors repeat the above actions.

Glass Information

Condensation and visual quality of sealed units

This formation is variable and it is also very common to observe it on the one pane and not on others. This is because the dew point of the air can vary. Movement of the air will affect it, as can the presence of nearby vegetation. Additionally, what is happening inside also has an effect as rooms may be kept at different temperatures resulting in the outside surfaces of different windows being at different temperatures. The formation of condensation in this way is not a product fault.

Condensation inside the sealed unit

This is between the two panes of the sealed unit and, unlike the two other examples of condensation above, you would be unable to wipe it off with a cloth as you do not have access to the surface where the condensation has formed. The formation of condensation on a surface within the sealed unit, usually upon the inside face of the external pane, is likely to have been caused by sufficient water penetrating the seal and using up the capacity of the absorbent material in the sealed unit construction. This results in a rise in the humidity within the space between the two panes and when the temperature of the glass falls below the dew point, condensation occurs. As this condensation is within the sealed unit it cannot be removed.

How to check

stand no less than 2 metres away from the panes. 3 metres for toughened, laminated or coated glass. Where it is not possible to stand the right distance then stand as far away as possible:

  • Look through the glass, not at it
  • Check in natural light
  • NO moisture on the glass surface
  • Exclude from the check the 50mm wide band around the edge of the glass.

What to expect when viewed as described

The sealed unit is acceptable if the following are neither obtrusive nor bunched:

  • Bubbles or blisters
  • Hairlines or blobs
  • Fine scratches not more than 25mm long
  • Minute particles.

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Phentermine Online Blog, Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap

Let us know what you'd like us to look at, plus days and times that are best for you.

By selecting 'request a quote' you consent to your details being used for the purposes of Keymer Double Glazing contacting you to arrange a quotation.